A milestone 1,000 days in the making

Yesterday marked the anniversary of 1,000 days since Red or Blue was started with just a macbook and some great support, advice and people. Lots of great people that all helped to get us to where we are today.


The Queen vs Kate Middleton – Why Google can’t make up it’s mind

The release of Google Zeitgeist 2012 comes with some uncertainty – and a lot of questions.

I think we’re all in agreement – 2012 was a massive year for the British royal family, with the Queen’s jubilee and the world’s never-ending obsession with the Duchess of Cambridge. But do we know who’s won the award for most popular royal? In a nutshell, no.


A campfire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river and my glasses and a spaceship and a really really big bear but the bear is really really far away

Today marks the end of Digital Shoreditch, a wonderful event that showcases the latests ideas and trends around the world of Digital in our backyard. One of my highlights was a session today by Lastfm’s Matt Hawn on music tags and how they help musicians. The key to his talk was the appreciation of the difference between tags and genres.


We are refreshing…

We’re undergoing some major changes here at Red or Blue HQ, from new offices with pool tables and beer fridges, to a brand new way of providing our top-notch SEO services. And as of today, we have launched our brand new website with more of everything to showcase what we do and the innovative ways we get it done.


Good Habits Of Successful Long Term Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become more of an integral part of any digital marketing mix. As a result, there’s now greater demand for professionals to work with social media as part of their daily activity.

One aspect of social media is the execution of a large scale campaign such as the highly successful Old Spice Guy campaign, earning the brand lots of accolades including an Emmy Award.

Less noteworthy but nevertheless as important is the daily ongoing work behind any brand with a solid online social presence; the ongoing blogging, tweeting and long term efforts in building your brand in multiple communities.

Successful brands that leverage the habit of social media reap long term benefits from doing so. The trick actually comes from making the task of doing social media related work organised and a daily habit.

Here’s my top 3 tips to get into the habit of social media:


InfluenceFinder at SMX London

I was at SMX London yesterday soaking up the buzz of the event. One key session that stood out for me was the Link Building Outside of the Box session. There’s a great writeup summary by Jaamit who was one of the few live bloggers at the event.

SMX London also saw the public announcement of InfluenceFinder, a tool that provides authoritative, actionable and useful data from backlink infomation. The announcement on the day ended up getting scooped by SEO Chicks, still the capabilities and data uncovered by InfluenceFinder received rave reviews from the likes of Weip and many others following the talk.


Red or Blue?

The Matrix is not something to base your SEO strategy on but it does illustrate the red pill, blue pill choice illustrates what most brands feel brilliantly.

If we were writing the SEO Matrix script it would go something like:


  • Where we are