Keyword: (Unintended) – How Lego brings us traffic

Back in December, I wrote a light-hearted little post about how Lego is a great linkbuilding ploy, because it’s popular and quite cool in a geeky sort of way. It basically boils down to the fact that lots of people love Lego, so if you can make some Lego-based content about your brand, chances are people will like it, and maybe even link to it.

Turns out, that post was kind of prophetic in a way that I hadn’t quite expected. Here’s a snapshot of our search traffic terms since I wrote that post on the Red or Blue Digital blog:

ga lego Keyword: (Unintended)   How Lego brings us traffic

So…that was unexpected. “Lego” is now our top trafficked keyword to the site, above even the universally dreaded “not provided”. I can’t quite work out why we should be getting this traffic, as we don’t rank anywhere for the term at the moment. However, there was a spike around January, so it is possible we suddenly, and relatively inexplicably, ranked somewhere at that time, and then dropped.


traffic spike Keyword: (Unintended)   How Lego brings us traffic

So the moral of the story is…well I’m not sure. I found this little anomaly pretty entertaining, and have been meaning to write a short post about it ever since I first noticed it. I suppose the lesson to be learned is that you can sometimes pick up traffic to your site or blog from unexpected sources just by making a bit of well-optimised content around a massively trafficked keyword! Also: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF LEGO.

2022: An SEO’s Odyssey

This is my entry into the SEO Chicks competition – SEO the next generation

How do you even begin to predict where an entire industry will be in 10 years time…especially an industry that is already as flexible, changeable and temperamental as a Hollywood starlet? The fact is, nobody really knows, and nobody can really predict the future.

I was planning to just outline what I think the landscape will be in ten years, but that seems a little dry, so I figured I need to up my game a little.

But how? I asked around for some advice, and was told to “stick to what you’re good at”.  This seems like pretty good advice on the face of it, but since my skills mainly revolve around getting drunk and having arguments, I wasn’t sure how this would help. But, I thought it was worth a try. A bottle of Scotch and a 2am phone call to my ex-girlfriend later, I was still fresh out of ideas.

But then I remembered this amazing post by Rob Ousbey over at Distilled, which despite being almost a year old, is still amazingly thought-provoking. Well worth a read to any SEOs, new or otherwise.

So I decided to….adapt it.

Anyway, enough preamble. Hope you enjoy! (more…)

What SOPA means for SEO

Yesterday, many sites across the net protested against the much-talked-about Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, by blacking out their site. The most notable, of course, was the Wikipedia blackout, which brought the world’s ability to find out pointless facts to a grinding halt, and stopped thousands of schoolchildren worldwide from being able to do their homework. (more…)

Google launches personal & social search….now I just need some friends.

Yesterday, Google launched their much-talked-about social search functionality, which much more tightly links their core search product with Orkut, no wait Google Buzz, erm  Google+, their latest folly…I mean social network. Easy-to-make jokes at Google’s expense aside, this new development is Kind Of A Big Deal. Others have already blogged about the functionality that this new update offers, so I’ll just summarise and paraphrase here. (more…)

Building Links with Lego

Lego is awesome. Let’s just get that out of the way right from the start, just so we’re all singing from the same hymn (or carol, if you want to be seasonally appropriate) sheet. But it seems that everyone on the internet really really loves almost anything to do with Lego. (more…)

What does the Google ad placement reshuffle mean for SEO?

So a couple of weeks ago, Google announced that they were updating the overall UI, design and layout of their SERPs on the AdWords blog . Their stated aims are to improve the user experience by making the page “flow” better, allowing them to scan the page from top to bottom more easily. They also said that it would improve ad performance as, according to their tests, CTR is improved by having ads appear at the bottom rather than the side of the SERPs. So far, so what? At least that was my thoughts initially, and I filed it in the mental drawer labeled “interesting, but not especially important”, since it really only relates to people doing PPC, and I…well, don’t. (more…)

Do a Barrel Roll!

Seriously, do a barrel roll.

I love that despite being a technology/business behemoth, Google still has the time and inclination to goof around. Sure, they can claim they’re showcasing CSS3 and HTML5, as they told ABC News. But I choose to believe someone at Google towers is just a massive Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars for us UK folks) geek. And that makes me happy.

Note: You will only find this amusing if you grew up in the 90s. Old people, you probably didn’t understand any of this. Sorry about that.

Google at MediaPro – The Acceleration of Everything

I was at the MediaPro conference on Tuesday, which was an interesting change of pace for me. As a search marketer, it can be very easy to forget that to a lot of people in the wider world of marketing, “digital” is a bit of a scary concept, which is not very well understood. I wanted to go to get a look at “how the other half think”, so to speak. (more…)

Post It Pacman in Paddington

As we’ve mentioned recently, we just moved to a new office, and we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a Post-it note war a bit like the one SEOMoz have been having so much fun with recently over in Seattle. Ours hasn’t reached the same scale…yet, but we’re getting there. (more…)

Thoughts on ad:tech London 2011

I spent the last two days at ad:tech London, and I have to say, I had a great time. I met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of awesome technologies and ideas on the exhibition floor, and I have to say I learnt quite a bit from some of the seminars I went to. (more…)

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