Google Real Time Search: Brands that Dominate a Letter

Since the launch of Google Instant, many of us in the world of SEO have been having a bit of fun with the tool to determine how this might transform our strategies. The most notable change that will come from the launch of Google Instant will be the sudden need for individual brands to dominate search results by letter, or even by number (take a look at our overview on Google Instant to learn why). Real time searching means that websites will no longer have to worry about getting the strongest rankings for a complete keyword or query; they want to find their way to the top of the pack for relevant letters that apply to the keywords.

To date, SEO strategies have not taken this new element into consideration, but of course, already there are results as the top ranking sites already appear to top the lists. In the UK, brands like Argos, Zara, eBay and John Lewis all dominate their letter rankings. Some of the world’s best known sites also fall under more than one letter and these are YouTube, Google Inc, and MSN. Strangely, another strong site doesn’t make the list at all; Yahoo! is going to need to put some work in to take advantage of this new ranking strategy.

Another interesting thing to consider with regards to the letter/number rankings that Google Instant has created is the fact that different letters have different levels of brand exposure. There are some letters that will just be more frequently queried. So while XBox may be a more frequently searched query for a complete key phrase, it won’t get as much exposure as Sky, which will be commonly viewed as people plug the letter “S” into the application. For some brands, this letter ranking structure will have great benefit, to others, the presence of Google Instant may demand the use of new strategies that ensure they don’t lose the limelight.

Of course, it’s not just letters that will come into play with single keystroke categories. Numbers will finally play a stronger role in SEO as this will become a whole new category brands need to capture.

If you have any other feedback about your time exploring Google Instant, we’d love to hear about it!

 Google Real Time Search: Brands that Dominate a Letter

Written by Beth

Beth Hodgson is a professional writer based in Toronto, Canada. Beth is also the founder of WriteSourcing, a Toronto-based freelance writing and editing company that specializes in managing blogs and creating web copy for corporate clients


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