A Google A Day Keeps Boredom Away

Just a very brief post on an interesting little game we stumbled across on google.com. Just under the search bar, you’ll see a question:

Google quiz A Google A Day Keeps Boredom AwayIf you click it you’ll go into a different version of Google, called A Google A Day, where you can search “Deja Google”, essentially a cached version of the Google we all know and love, for the answer to the question. You can also try to answer past questions, which range from fairly simple to extremely fiendish brainteasers that you will find tricky to answer, even with the whole internet to help you, thanks to the fairly complicated and roundabout ways the questions are asked. Fun though it is, its actually quite ingenious marketing by Google….subtly letting everyone know that no matter how tough the question….Google will find the answer you need.

An interesting procrastination tool for all quiz fans…take a look and let us know how you get on!


Written by Shaun Myandee

Information Analyst at Red or Blue, has a weakness for shiny toys and tech, is an avid football fan, and loves all that London has to offer (especially food and drink...) Is also the world's best looking SEO guy.


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