Red Or Blue SEO ProTip – #journorequest

Super short post today, to share a little tip with you all.

It seems more and more these days like the work of an SEO is becoming about making awesome content. The real struggle is convincing people to link to it. But no more! There are actually a huge number of people, more specifically journalists, going on a massive fishing expedition for exactly the kind of fantastic content you’re creating. All you need to do is look under the #journorequest hashtag in Twitter, and you’ll find tweet after tweet written by journalists looking for someone to help them by supplying content of one form or another.

So save that hashtag as a search in Tweetdeck, or whatever social media management tools you use, so you can quickly check it every time you are creating, or have created, some content to find people that will be interested in it and will be happy to give you a great link from a reputable source in return. You will find more great content ideas in a few minutes than you will know what to do with. Even if you don’t have any content ready and waiting to go lying around, you can make a note of anyone writing about topics relevant to your clients and tweet them as soon as you have some interesting content for them.

There you have it, #journorequest is the shortcut to finding high-quality links for your content.

Written by Shaun Myandee

Information Analyst at Red or Blue, has a weakness for shiny toys and tech, is an avid football fan, and loves all that London has to offer (especially food and drink...) Is also the world's best looking SEO guy.


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