Explaining the value of Linkdex in Link Building

We’ve recently made Linkdex’s SEO tools an integral part of the SEO services we offer, because it’s proven to deliver great results for our clients. To explain why, I’m going to use a little analogy.

Link Building is a bit like going to a huge antiques market. There are thousands upon thousands of items for sale, but you want to try to find the real gems that are hidden amongst all the useless junk. But wandering aimlessly around the market is a recipe for disaster, and you’ll never find the really valuable items. So you get an expert to help you out. In the case of the antiques market, you might get an antiques dealer to help you out, or pay them to find what you want. In the case of link building, you would hire an SEO agency, who will do the job for you.

Now these experts will have their own favoured methods and techniques for digging out the priceless nuggets. The antiques dealer might start by using the market listings to see every single item that has been listed for sale at the market, like the SEO consultant can use Majestic’s link map to see every link that has been found. But trawling through this list is massively time consuming, and there is no guarantee that the items will even be there at the market stall once you’ve found them on the list.

So lots of dealers will use an industry magazine or guide, that will give more detailed information about the people selling antiques at the market, about what items they’ve got for sale, and which will give the sellers a rating of sorts to highlight the best ones. Equally, an SEO can use tools like SEOMoz or Raven to get more detailed insights into the quality of link sources, sorting their data using metrics like MozRank. These lists that add new measurements and ratings are much, much better than just the raw information, but there is still a  risk of being sidetracked, or just ending up browsing large “categories” of antiques. He might set off looking to get a nice antique clock on behalf of his client, but finds himself emerging from the market carrying a set of fine-bone china. The crux of the problem is that the guide is compiled before the antiques market even opens, and so its information isn’t as fresh as it could be. Nor can the dealer easily find something very specific in this guide. If he’s looking for a very specific type of clock made by a certain clockmaker during a certain period, he still has to look through a sizeable chunk of the list to find it, if it is even available at all.

Ideally, the antiques dealer would love to have a large team of scouts that he can send out into the market to look at all the items on offer, and who can help him find exactly what his client is looking for quickly and efficiently, so that he can just stroll in and buy it. As an SEO myself, I can certainly relate to that sentiment, and I’m sure many others in the industry would too. And that is exactly the desire that Linkdex satisfies so well.

Team of Link Building Scouts hunting juicy link nuggets

It is a lot like having your own little team of link Building scouts who trawl the web looking for the juiciest link nuggets for you. But like any tool, it is only as good as whoever is using it. As the antiques dealer in my analogy would no doubt tell you, if he was actually real and not just a figment of my imagination, sometimes what your client wants is not really what he wants. He might say he wants an antique clock as an investment, but thanks to your expertise and know how, you know what he really wants to get is actually an 18th Century Venetian Credenza because that’s going to be a much better long-term investment. As in antiques, so in SEO. Your client might say he has a link or keyword strategy in mind, but your job is to suggest what the most effective strategies are.

And Linkdex is great for that too. You can drill down into a batch of links, and pull out only the ones that have a certain link anchor, that are on a page that’s highly relevant to a certain keyword, or even fresh new links…or all the above. By asking lots of very specific questions like this, you can find different niches to target using various strategies. You can pull out incredibly specific link data, even from an initial batch of thousands, and use that data to define powerful, actionable Link Building ideas.

linkdex filter 300x145 Explaining the value of Linkdex in Link Building

But what’s more, by using a bit of lateral thinking, you can analyse not just direct competitors, but also other sites operating in similar verticals, and by asking some more smart questions of the data you get from them, develop even more actionable link building ideas that will provide real value to your clients. And the thing we’ve found out from using Linkdex for quite some time is that after not too long at all, this process becomes almost second nature. Before you know it, you’ll be coming up with great link building tactics based on the data and leap frog the competition. And what’s more, you’ll be able to show them how you came up with them.

So we’ve come to really value the power of Linkdex, because it lets you really easily dig through all the links to get at exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily, and because through choosing the sources of your link analysis carefully, and applying a little lateral thinking, you can quickly get a good idea of the state of a vertical, and develop awesome strategies to get the win in search.

Written by Shaun Myandee

Information Analyst at Red or Blue, has a weakness for shiny toys and tech, is an avid football fan, and loves all that London has to offer (especially food and drink...) Is also the world's best looking SEO guy.


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