Google at MediaPro – The Acceleration of Everything

I was at the MediaPro conference on Tuesday, which was an interesting change of pace for me. As a search marketer, it can be very easy to forget that to a lot of people in the wider world of marketing, “digital” is a bit of a scary concept, which is

Hi, I’m new here.

Hi there, As the newest recruit at Red or Blue Digital, Kun asked me to write a blog post introducing myself and… here it is!

Post It Pacman in Paddington

As we’ve mentioned recently, we just moved to a new office, and we’ve found ourselves in a bit of a Post-it note war a bit like the one SEOMoz have been having so much fun with recently over in Seattle. Ours hasn’t reached the same scale…yet, but we’re getting there.

Thoughts on ad:tech London 2011

I spent the last two days at ad:tech London, and I have to say, I had a great time. I met a lot of cool people, saw a lot of awesome technologies and ideas on the exhibition floor, and I have to say I learnt quite a bit from some

Explaining the value of Linkdex in Link Building

We’ve recently made Linkdex’s SEO tools an integral part of the SEO services we offer, because it’s proven to deliver great results for our clients. To explain why, I’m going to use a little analogy. Link Building is a bit like going to a huge antiques market. There are thousands

We are refreshing…

We’re undergoing some major changes here at Red or Blue HQ, from new offices with pool tables and beer fridges, to a brand new way of providing our top-notch SEO services. And as of today, we have launched our brand new website with more of everything to showcase what we do

What the new Google sitelinks for brands, aka “Brandlinks”, mean for reputation management

You may well have noticed that Google recently changed the way they display their sitelinks, but what difference does it really make?

How SEOs can take advantage of the closure of the News of the World

It’s been nigh-on impossible to avoid the coverage of the controversy swirling around the News of the World, as they become ever more implicated in the hacking of phones belonging to people from Milly Dowler’s parents to the families of victims of the July 7th bombings. The shock and outrage

Google+ and what it means

{EAV_BLOG_VER:02c806a026996905} For a while now, we’ve noticed the spread of the “Google +1″ button as Google rolled out their rival to Facebook “Likes” both in their search results and by providing the code for webmasters to add the button to their own sites. And it has also been announced that we’ll

A Google A Day Keeps Boredom Away

Just a very brief post on an interesting little game we stumbled across on Just under the search bar, you’ll see a question: If you click it you’ll go into a different version of Google, called A Google A Day, where you can search “Deja Google”, essentially a cached