Living with a Penguin; Why you might not see a recovery after a penalty is revoked

Had an algorithmic penalty revoked? Recovery might be a bit further away than you had hoped. In this time of mass-scale algorithmic penalties to combat decade-old SEO techniques, many established websites are finding that they have to answer for search strategies implemented years ago and since forgotten.

Get International Rankings With HREFLANG

Today I want to talk about a relatively easy way to pick up rankings on international Google properties. Near the end of 2011, Google announced that it would be obeying a new HTML element called “HREFLANG”. The point of this tag is to tell search engines where it might find a better

A milestone 1,000 days in the making

Yesterday marked the anniversary of 1,000 days since Red or Blue was started with just a macbook and some great support, advice and people. Lots of great people that all helped to get us to where we are today.

The Queen vs Kate Middleton – Why Google can’t make up it’s mind

The release of Google Zeitgeist 2012 comes with some uncertainty – and a lot of questions. I think we’re all in agreement – 2012 was a massive year for the British royal family, with the Queen’s jubilee and the world’s never-ending obsession with the Duchess of Cambridge. But do we

Two Unique Ways To Get Great Links

They say that any press is good press – this is somewhat true when it comes to links too. I’m not saying that any link is a good link, just that in many cases Google will take a link as a recommendation or citation, even when the author of the

+1 To Get One: A Technical Proof

“Pay with a tweet” and similar functions for Facebook and other social networks have become quite popular lately. They allow companies to give away something (maybe it’s some hidden content, an ebook, or competition entry) when a user shares their website & marketing message on social networks. This has some

What does it mean to write for SEO?

Interning in the Shoreditch Red or Blue offices as a creative copywriter is not dissimilar, I imagine, to what it must be like to try and hang out in the sacred bedroom of an achingly cool hipster of an older brother and all his awesome, older-brother-like friends.

A New Intern’s Ode To SEO

So, here is a little bit about me… Exceedingly vain, I’m sure you’ll agree. Only joking- a bit! My name is Jen

3 Things I Learned About PPC This Week

At Red or Blue, we’re a very mixed bunch – some of us come from e-commerce backgrounds, others from more technical positions, and Kun even started his technical career by working in a consumer electronics factory. In a previous life I was a paid search wizard, and have been fortunate

Bradley Wiggins’ Tour de France Win – and what it means for SEO

Summer 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting time for British sport. The London Olympics are tantalisingly close, and let’s not forget Andy Murray’s emotional Wimbledon final – leading him to become the first Briton to reach the men’s singles finals in 74 years. This weekend also saw the