James Finlayson


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James’ thorough research, attention to detail and innovative thinking make him a powerful SEO player. He brings deep knowledge of search engine optimisation to any company that hires him, but it is his willingness to support peers and share his knowledge and creative ideas freely that sets him apart.

James holds both a law degree and a Masters in intellectual property. The masters included a dissertation, which James chose to frame around online piracy. This was entitled ‘The Piracy Pandemic: A review of measures designed to combat unauthorised digital reproduction’.

During his Masters, James began working for a leading website design company in their SEO/SEM department. There, his understandings of both web-design/development and the practicalities of IP at an IP heavy company flourished. In particular, he became comfortable with building industry standard, high quality, highly editable CMS based websites written in PHP and XHTML/CSS.

After spending several years working on a consultancy basis James moved back in to an agency environment at Red or Blue. Whilst working on a consultancy basis James worked with a variety of SMEs, focusing on niche and local search strategies. He has a particular interest in community building and finding innovative ways for brands to interface with their customers.

You can find out more about him on his personal site http://www.james-finlayson.com.