What makes a good agency?

One of the biggest problems every company faces when they embark on a search campaign is choosing an agency. How do you work out who is good or bad?

Most agencies will try to sell you an idea that uses lots of words like “aspirational”, or “brand concept”.
Most agencies will tell you they have a “tried and tested method”.
Most agencies will say they have access to amazing proprietary data.

We are not most agencies.

We don’t believe in vague ideas and “dreams”. We think that simple, clear plans of action that can actually be carried out are much more valuable to your business.
SEO is a fluid, constantly changing landscape, and claiming to have some secret recipe for SEO success is a bit like claiming to be able to nail jelly to a wall. We keep up to date on everything that’s happening in the online world, not just SEO, so our strategies are ahead of the curve, and will be as valuable to you in the future as they are now.
Keeping data to yourself is usually a way to avoid accountability. Which is why we share all our data with you right from the start.

We are Red or Blue Digital.